Speak (4/2017)

Speak (4/2017)

I drive west when I don’t know what to do.
I fall in love and I don’t know why.
Our feet heading east cause the weather won’t change.
You’re by my side,
toes on the dash.
Decembers together.

Now I’m thinking.
I’m not talking.
I stop thinking
when I’m talking.
Can’t stop thinking.

I’m up, I’m down.
I’m up, I’m down.
I said too much.
You’re not around.

You do best when I don’t know what to do.
I lose control and I don’t know why.
I’m the only one I’ve talked to for two days.
It’s all outside.
Frames on the wall.
Remember together.

Speak to me so I won’t think.

Circus (4/2017)

Circus (4/2017)

put on a smile
dance through the day
‘til four in the morning,
it won’t go away.

when it’s too much
and we break down for days
somehow, we get through
this lifelong ballet

surrounded by clowns
our purpose deserts us
we try to remember
that life’s just a circus

Questions to ask. They’re just waiting to talk.
The elephant was on the table.
Yeah all of it was on the table.

The man walks on glass beneath the water.
The people watch and they believe. We leave.
Crawling up the ladder we leap to perception’s trapeze.

Now how do you see it?
Now how does it seem?

It’s a circus, but it’s our circus.
This is our ballet, this is our circus.

Hide (4/2017)

Hide (4/2017)

His morning has become the evening, it’s the start of his day.
Burned down. Torn up. Worn out. What would she say?
The sun’s not out so he wanders inside.
Can’t run on the sun, because the sun wants to hide.

It was on a Friday when she hid herself.
She just knocked a fried egg right off the shelf.
Walked ten feet in on our hands
and her feet walked far outside to find an answer.

It was on a Sunday when she hit the ground dancing.
At first glance she’s romancing the sound,
she struts across a wire only felt by her eyes
to a place high up above, just beneath the sky.

Kick and cry, I wanna hide.
I’m on the other side, by afternoon it’s night.
Your crazy is my morning.
Your crazy is my life.

She looks at me from the wire on the tile in her mind.
Says, ‘Come with me. You won’t see,
you’ll feel what you find.
It’s been in there the entire time.’

You never have to hide.
The sun wakes up outside.

Dreams Awake (4/2017)

Dreams Awake (4/2017)

Drop a line down through the clouds
and through the storms you’ll catch the sounds.
You’ll never be too far away,
we’ll listen together every day.

You’ll get down up in the sky,
laughter is our battle cry.
Swimming through five shades of blue,
you’ll hear me here tomorrow too.

Our life becomes a song we wrote.
Every breath, a single note.
And we listen.
Dreams awake behind our eyes.

Fell down, fell back up again
I can’t recall just where I’ve been.
Listen to the things I hear
and perfect places reappear.

Walking while words float around
my shoes are where my feet are found.
I won a battle, stopped a war.
My dreams told me there’s so much more.
‘Imagine more.’

I close my eyes.
Upside down in the sky.
While dreams awake, we listen.

What To Do (4/2017)

What To Do (4/2017)

It’s a desperate path of circumstance,
the lion on the mandolin.
He’s singing all my songs
while the children make the melody,
our hearts just play along.

Up in your mind.
Full of sunshine.
Take me with you.
Don’t care what we do.

There’s always time.
Do what we like.
I’ll go with you.
Don’t care what we do.

We’re feeling high.
It’s not goodbye.
Don’t know what to do.
Just give me a few.

Just for a while
I’ll watch you smile.
I’ll lose my shoes.
I’ll have a few.

Go out and see
some different things,
instead of living
in your tired old dreams.

Go out and see
the lion sing.
Tired of living
in your dreams.

Watch Me (3/2017)

Watch Me (3/2017)

I read the pictures
I saw the words
I smelled the signs
I fed the birds

We’re all changing
It’s about to happen

Warm but shattered
watch me

Something wonderful
something wonderful
is about to happen

Feeding the pictures
smelling the words
seeing the signs
reading the birds

We’re all changing
It’s about to happen

Know what matters
watch me

Something wonderful
something wonderful
is about to happen

Thought this would never happen

You, Me and Me (3/2017)

You, Me and Me (3/2017)

I guess it’s been too long
I guess this is so long
I guess this is the new me.

We may part ways
I may lose you on a Tuesday
I guess I never knew that that was never me
Maybe it’s been too long
Maybe we say so long

What if the lights make me lose myself?
What if I can’t take the new me?
They can’t stand the new me.
Say they liked me when they knew me
and everything I had was in the thing that ruined me.

I never talked about it
because I never thought about it.

I’m leaving soon.
She’s leaving soon too.
She started leaving last year.
I’m losing me while finding her
I know she’ll know when I’m in need,
cause she and I are we
and we’re becoming me.

Seems I never knew that you were always me.
It’s me you have become
so we’ll never say so long.