In Front of Fiction (6/2017)

In Front of Fiction (6/2017)

Curiosity, kind soul under a sweater.
Lost between yellow and green.
We were young, didn’t know any better.
Or maybe we just didn’t care.

Standing, her back to scenes from old movies.
In the sun she squints at me.
Torn and tired, mountains moving beauty.
Or maybe we weren’t really there.

We stand in front of fiction.
We stand between the screens.
She smiles in confusion.
She smiles before she leaves.

I follow indifferently.
Trace sounds back to mountains.
Climb memories down to fiction.

Show me where you spend time in the morning.
Bend between thought and coffee.
We reset. Start over without warning.
Catch an old breath of fresh air.

Take me back to where I’m leaving from.
Drive me, whisper ‘Don’t you see?
Our paths will weave until they’re one.
One of these days we’ll be somewhere.’

Right Before Our Eyes (6/2017)

Right Before Our Eyes (6/2017)

How do you live as your moments slowly stack? If you never leave you can’t come back.
How do you feel when your world is a lie? Nothing will grow if we don’t give it time.

Trying to remember things I forgot is trying to find what I know that I’ve thought.
Do a lot alone, but don’t do it all. Lean on yourself and you’ll always fall.

The old man told me how they learned to fly, “It just happened. We never really tried
and America laid out in the sun right before our eyes.”

The sunset left right before our eyes.

He can’t stand, so he can’t stand still. Crossed his mind, is he over the hill?
Was there ever a hill to climb? Sometimes struggling is a waste of time.

Leap out to the world from this mind of mine. You’ll be my parachute and I’ll be just fine.
Move through this life until we’re sure we’re done, take a look back at the things we’ve become.

Inside gets crazy with so much to hide. Breathe through the valleys and enjoy the ride
as a lifetime lays out in the sun right before our eyes.

A lifetime lays out.

Static Screams from TVs (6/2017)

Static Screams from TVs (6/2017)

How do you spend your time?
Wake up children, play like the wind.

Why’s my life a movie?
Why’s my life a song?
I finally find the plot line and the characters are gone.
Silence when the soundtrack’s wrong.

Why’s my life a movie?
Why’s my life a song?
I’m finally getting started, but the intro was too long.
Echoes where the peaks belonged.

How do you spend your time?

Over in the corner life’s record plays.
Needle rides the rails.
The line’s not straight but it always follows anyway.

Songs skipped and they changed my days.
Wake up children, play like the wind.
How will you spend your time?

Static screams from TVs.

Float The Day (6/2017)

Float The Day (6/2017)

Plan the week, how to hide.
Float on the pool or live inside.
Call you up, hear you smile.
I’ll be right there in 14 miles.

Roll out west, have some fun.
We loved that song when we were young.
I’m not me. You’re not you.
When far away, it’s always true.

Call me when you’re clean and we’ll start a new day.
We wash away our yesterdays and start over any time.

Follow my heart.
Follow your soul.
Live each day and I’ll never get old.

Show up late, float the day.
I’m sinking up, please go away.
Being lost got me here,
but somehow, now, life’s crystal clear.

My best friend by my side.
Comfortable, like I’ve arrived.
We wake up, find ourselves.
Without ourselves there’s nothing else.

Follow your heart.
Follow my soul.
Live each day and you’ll never get old.

Nothing To Know (6/2017)

Nothing To Know (6/2017)

A while ago was the first time I hadn’t thought in a while.

Logic never made much sense.
Logic isn’t logical.
Our hearts know what heads can’t feel.

She wanders a while and wonders.
Wonders about wandering.
Her heart is full and focused.

You don’t realize who we are. Let us go, we’ll all be stars.
Do you realize who you are?

Maybe I’m just inspired. Maybe I just feel good.
Maybe we’ll go forever, I’ve always felt we would.

Maybe I’ll feel the meaning, maybe I’ll step outside.
Maybe we’ll leave tomorrow with nothing left to hide.

Today I learned there’s nothing to know.
Knowing isn’t anything.
Knowing feels like empty frames.

We’ll find out what it means to feel.
We don’t need to know anymore.
Knowledge has no feeling.

They were lying if you ever heard that I’m afraid of dying.
Let us go, we’ll all be stars.

Favorite Road (5/2017)

Favorite Road (5/2017)

Sat out in the sun and thought of a drive.
The one we’ll take when I’m with you.
Smile at me like the ocean smiles.
We’ll find our favorite road.

The key to my home is inside your home and I watch the sky crawl by.
I said I’d call but I meant please call me.
Hear what you want, spread your wings and fly.

Let me in so I can watch myself in the past from above.
I don’t know. No one knows where I’ll go.
They think I’m a genius and I’m locked out.
I know exactly where I went, but I don’t know where I’ll go.

Walked into the sun and thought of that drive
I guess I had nothing better to do.
You smiled at me and patiently
we found our favorite road.

We don’t know where it goes.
It’s not where we went, it’s where we’ll go.
We’ll go see where it goes.

Sounds Like The Radio (5/2017)

Sounds Like The Radio (5/2017)

Give me a house woman
Woman give me a home
Give me a place to sleep inside where I won’t feel all alone

Give me your love lady
Lady give me a home.
Give me a place to rest my head and a kiss before you go.

It’s fall outside through the window and she sounds like the radio.
Life is easy, blue breezes breathing.
Fall in love, don’t say a word and eventually it occurs to her
how it was meant to be.

It’s all outside through the window.

Give me a key, teacher.
Teacher won’t you let me in?
Let me in before you go and watch our lives as they begin.

Give me your eyes mister.
Mister, see what I have seen?
Mister says my eyes have seen some things wilder than your wildest dreams.

It falls outside through the window.
It’s how it was meant to be, but it all feels make believe.